Chilton brings advanced technology, performance and craftsmanship to the mountains in every ski we make. Whether it’s ripping groomers in the front, stomping pillows on the side or poaching untracked lines in the backcountry, skiers who seek responsive performance want Chilton in their quiver. Introducing Chilton’s Bitterroot Butter Sticks: the gender-neutral ski that can do it all.


We rely on materials from innovative and non-traditional origins, including salvaged and repurposed wood stockpiles in forests and in the urban tree canopy. This isn’t the most cost-effective approach, but it’s the right one. Chilton guarantees our fine woodworking fingerprint in every ski produced.


Dear skiers, environmentalists, and those who support the craft,

When I first got into skiing I was dismayed to find that the skis I had to choose from were cranked out by robots in factories overseas.

I chose instead to build my own tools for moving around in the mountains, blending renewable, repurposed, locally-sourced materials with modern composites.

This experimental process gave rise to Chilton Skis. Chilton rips as hard and playful as any ski out there, but we’re about more than that. We’re about people, conscious consumerism, and education: of you and us both.

To ride Chilton is to be a member of our extended family of vagabonds, arborists, research scientists, and folks who get rad in the outdoors.

Our skis exist at the intersection of leading-edge performance characteristics, non-traditional supply chains, and heirloom quality craftsmanship.

Please join us on the frontier by making a contribution to our Kickstarter campaign, and stay tuned to learn how, together, we can contribute to an enhanced understanding of the wild places where we play.

Thank you for joining our movement, or as we call it “reverence for the wild."


George Gaines